#RohingyaNOW trying to escape GENOCIDE have been shot beaten tortured raped sold kidnaped imprisoned starved& drowned by Burma&neighbours

Rohingya fleeing from ethnic cleansing are refused refugee status in many neighboring countries. #RohingyaNOW


Western countries ignore the plight of these 800,000 people as they scramble to sign contracts with ‘reformed’ Myanmar. #OpRohingya


Ethnic Cleansing: More than 100,000 Muslim Rohingya were driven from their homes in 2012. Many were lost at sea. #RohingyaNOW

URGENT Already the violence in Burma has spread beyond the Rohingya to include all Muslims. #RohingyaNOW

The impunity of the Myanmar government ends today. The eyes of the world are now on you Burma. #RohingyaNOW

Rohingya ='(
Lindungi mereka Yaa Allaah, jaga agar teguh keimanan mereka.. ='(

Eric Randolph

Central Myanmar was in flames this week. Mobs roamed through smoldering suburbs, charred corpses poked out through the rubble of destroyed homes, thousands were herded into a stadium for a form of safety that may degenerate into prolonged detention. We are told it began as a row in a gold shop. That is not surprising – all true acts of hatred must be rooted in pettiness. There is little room for logic or grand notions in the red mist of the mob.

The Muslims appear to have taken the brunt of the brutality. What began as clashes between two communities sounded more like an anti-Islamic pogrom by the end. It will take some time to get a clear picture. Currently, we have only distressing images and rumours – of a Buddhist monk holding a sword to the neck of an Associated Press photographer and demanding his memory card, of a…

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